5 Google Maps SEO Tips for Local Businesses

seo google maps searchThe best practices of local SEO and Google Maps optimization are always evolving. As Google continues to unveil new algorithm updates, SEO’s and local business marketers must adapt their practices accordingly. While there are many advanced strategies that go beyond the scope of this article, below are a few Google Maps SEO tips and best practices that will stand the test of time.

Getting Listed

Getting ranked highly is heavily influenced by the amount of top directories in which your business is cited or included. For Google to rank you highly, it has to determine that your business is real. It does this by the number of citations (business listings) that your business owns throughout the web. The “citation” is simply the name, address, and phone number (NAP) of your business, and Google crawls this data to compare with other listings.

Your business’s NAP should show up in greater frequency to better your chances in showing up in search engines. Further, NAP data needs to be consistent across all listings to maximize credibility and SEO value. Some optimization and marketing companies that specialize in Google Maps SEO, such as CaptivateLocal.com, provide services in citation building.

Website Optimization

To make your business presence known, your NAP should also show up on your website. SEO best practices are to include you business NAP in the footer and header section of the website so it shows up on all pages. Further, the NAP should also be indicated on the contact page.

Some businesses use Schema, or structured data markup to further optimize their site for higher Google rankings. Schema markup consists of special HTML tags to better define your sites content (a communication mechanism in a way) for major search engines (namely Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Google Maps Embed

It is also a good SEO practice to embed your business’s Google Maps listing in your website, such as on your contact page. This also helps communicate to Google the precise location of your listing and it’s usually sync with your Google My Business page.

google maps SEO breweries

Embedding is easy to do. You search for your business name in the Google map found in the search bar area located on the upper left portion of the screen. You then click the share or embed map portion to finish the process. Google has emphasized the need for businesses to establish their online presence in 3rd party websites. In the case of a change in address, you need to update these listings to adhere to your current address.

Customer Reviews

Using the latter SEO techniques in addition to earning a wealth of customer reviews is surefire way of getting Google’s attention. A Google My Business page with significantly more reviews will give greater authority compared to those not having any reviews. This practice is in line with Google’s manner of providing the public with the most relevant search result, by ranking pages with the most reviews. This is just one of many variables with local SEO, but an important one.

reviews google maps

Competitive Analysis

If you have done all the changes but still noticed that your rankings have not gone up, you may need to build more citations to push it up. There are many ways to do it and that includes studying your competitors and the search market. You need to find out where your competitors are cited. If your business is not listed, add it. Google has often used citations as a means of providing the search engine with the most relevant business citations.

Virtually every local business seeks to rank higher in Google Maps. Attaining placement in the local Google Maps search result is major marketing tool. As a result, many local business seek actionable Google Maps SEO tips and strategies to improve their search rankings.

3 Ways Small Business Can Increase Search Rankings

Technology has completely changed and enhanced how businesses go to market. With the internet taking over much of the work and proving to be very efficient for marketing, smart businesses need to leverage various SEO and search engine marketing strategies to be found in Google. small business seo

While SEO can seem like a confusing endeavor for most small businesses, there are many basic and easy-to-understand ways in which a small-to-medium sized firm can thrive with SEO, even against a tough competition and saturated geographic market.

Incorporate Unique & Long-tail Keywords

As much as you may not be able to surpass the giants in the Google search engine rankings for highly competitive keywords, you can narrow your keywords to a specific long-tail keywords that are less competitive. Do this by researching highly-relevant keywords for your SEO campaign, and focusing on 4-5 word phrases that are less competitive, but still attainable. Good places for insights include IncreaseYouRank.com and the WebPresenceGroup.net, both offering a wealth of resources and strategies for long-tail SEO for small businesses.

Diversify & Acquire Links from Credible Sites

Just like a politician calls for reinforcement from popular people and influencers, the small business can employ the same trick and link up its website with other well-established sites for backup. This has a great effect on enhancing a site’s credibility through the eyes of the search engine. It is this credit that will boost the site and pull it up the search list. Appearing high on the search results list increases chances of being reviewed and hence improved traffic. But link building is not the end all be all. Check out this great post at Moz.com about earning links.

Hyper-Local Optimization

Targeting a more local audience has enabled small businesses to establish their own market niche which is their local share of the market. Stating yourself as the best restaurant in Boston will greatly differ from simply stating restaurant in Boston. The point here is to use keywords that mention your niche market where your probability of a high rank is higher

To move up to the top of the search results and generate more traffic for your business, there is no other magic but to enhance the quality and visibility of your website which calls for the employment of a web development and web design company, like FacetWebTech.com, for assistance. A strategically designed website is what you need.

5 Rules of Web Development for 2016

If boosting traffic and sales on your website is one of your your business’ goals for 2016, then it is time to make it happen by investing in highly responsive web development. Trends in web design and web development keep shifting as the need to conform to the needs of both the users and search engines keep increasing. One thing that stands out however is the need to rank high on search engines, boost traffic and get high conversion rates. Here are future trends of web development for 2016 that can help you achieve these objectives.web development 2016

Mobile-friendly Website

Mobile enabled websites dominated the trends in website development in 2015 and this will continue in 2016. Web designers need to recognize that you can never predict the user’s in terms of what they use to access your website should resist the temptation to create PC version alone.

Further, statistics show that more people are browsing the internet using mobile devices like smart phones, iPads and tablets as opposed to laptops and desktops. Ensure your website is mobile enabled to attract more traffic.

One mistake that many Peoria, IL web developers commit is creating two versions of the same website using different URL’S; the PC version and mobile and mobile version. Other than making these two URL compete for ranking, they can confuse users thus hurting your website.

SEO-friendly Website seo-friendly website development

Search engine visibility and higher ranking is the top concern of any web designer or business interested in search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a proven way of getting traffic as users will click on your website before getting to competitors.

How to ensure the website is SEO-friendly is a common challenge in web development. This begins by investing in coding to ensure all aspects of the website such as URL’S are meaningful, straightforward and SEO-wise. Including your keywords on your URL as opposed to using general terms is one way of ensuring Google crawls can pick and index your website.

Ensuring your content is fresh, relevant, unique, informative and original will not only earn your higher ranking on Google but also the trust of the users. Another trend in creating search engine friendly content is avoiding instances of keyword stuffing. Use of keywords should be done accurately and properly to avoid being penalized by Google. Web development companies like FacetWebTech.com offer professional solutions when it comes to SEO-friendly web development and design services.

Social Media Inegration

The role of social media in web development will continue to trend in 2016 as more users continue to get information about brands and products on social media. This trend is not new, but how you use social media in improving your ranking and traffic should change.

If you are constantly talking about your business, products or brand on your Facebook posts and tweets, then you might come out as boring to your audience. Keep your posts and tweets interesting, engaging and if possible humorous to the users. Talk about trending topics related to your industry and seek to engage your audience or offer expert advice to respond to trending concerns. The use of YouTube will increase in 2016 since videos as entertaining, brief and interesting to watch. Thus, create a small video description of your brand or products and share on your other platforms.

CTAs & Conversion Rate Optimization

This is not a new trend in web development but a strategy that has been around yet has been ignored for long. Calls-To-Action are the one thing that you should invest in to get value for your money, especially when hiring a web development company. You can have millions of users but if not even a single one of them buys a product then you is missing the whole point of digital marketing.

One way to ensure your CTA remain effective is the use of CTA related to your business as opposed to generic CTA. Generic in this case refers to the common ones found in various websites like “buy now”, “order now” or “add to cart”. Instead use unique customized CTA like “click to see our pricing” as opposed to using “subscribe now”. Location of the CTA is another important element of web development.

Research has indicated that putting the CTA at the bottom can boost conversion rates as opposed to placing it at the top of the website. The rational explanation for this is that users want to see what you can offer first before committing themselves.

Split Layout

Although this trend begun in 2016, it is expected to dominate the world of web development in 2016. This simply means dividing your website into two halves and having separate content for different users in each. For instance, you can have a side for administrators and one for users. Other that increasing usability of your website by making it easy for users to choose what they want to choose, this trend can make your website organized thus putting you above your competitors.

3 Cutting-Edge Computers for Creative Professionals

If you are a power user of computers, you need to buy the best the market has to offer. Though a high-performance PC might cost an arm and a leg, they will prove to be an excellent investment for anyone looking for the top-performance computers>.

In this Small Business Help Blog post, we’re going to talk a little bit about some of the best high performance computers in 2016. As you’ll note, these computers will give you a lot of flexibility adding beauty and prestige to any room out there.

However, you need more than beauty, and these machines will provide you with just that an then some. So were going to review three high performance professional computers that are great for creatives, such as graphic designers and other related jobs.

Apple iMac

Apple iMac computersThe Apple iMac features ultra-fast hard drives and wireless Internet access that make this machine an up-to-date winner. However, the machine lacks HDMI ports and touch-screens, which is a shame. This desktop is excellent and you’ll find the PC very good with many internal upgrades.

With a quad-core processor and NVidia graphic card, the Apple iMac is here to stay. The PC also features 8gb RAM, 3 USB ports and 2 Thunderbolt ports, so you’ll have tons of flexibility. The Apple iMac has excellent warranty and customer support as well.

Dell XPS 27

Dell XPS-27 computersThe Dell XPS 27 features both NVidia graphics and excellent performance. Are you a game lover? The Dell XPS 27 has a useful HDMI port allowing you to double the size of your screen. However, you will not enjoy a long lasting battery life. Users should get more flexibility from the adjustable stand.

The Dell XPS 27′s big screen allows it to cover a lot of bases. In fact, this all-in-one desktop seems to have it all. Serious gamers and power hungry users will feel very happy with this machine. The Dell XPS 27 is one of the first machines with new Intel CPUs.

Apple MacBook Pro

The Apple MacBook Pro is the powerful computer you need even if you’re only using pro-level graphic design software. This machine will allow you to save tons of space and the three-sided motherboard will keep itself cool at all times. The price is fair when you take into consideration one simple fact: this computer is intended for professional use only.

Apple MacBook Prom ComputersAre you a consumer-level Apple buff? Sorry for you, as the Apple MacBook Pro isn’t manufactured to meet your needs. Since the machine hasn’t tower flexibility, normal users will not be thoroughly satisfied.

As you might have noted, these machines will make your life easier. If you have been struggling to get a high performance machine that delivers outstanding results, the above items will fit the bill. Though a little bit pricey, those machines have passed the test of time in terms of high quality parts and excellent performance.

You’ll also get multiple screen views, and this will allow you to increase your productivity in no time. So what are you waiting for? Get one of these machines today and take advantage of some truly amazing features right away.

If you’re based in Peoria and need high performance computers like these, visit Nerds on Call. Nerds on Call is the go-to source for custom computers in Peoria, Illinois.

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3 Ways to Change-up Your SEO Strategy for 2016

Another year has arrived and with it comes the opportunity to reinvent your approach to SEO. The worse thing anyone seeking to gain search engine visibility could do is get stuck in a rut of using the same tactics repeatedly to no avail.

Google is ever improving their ranking algorithms, which means that you should always be looking for how to improve your SEO strategy – the time is long gone when over-optimization was the way to do things. If you’ve entered into 2016 with the mindset that you are going to achieve more through SEO than you have ever done before, then the following three tips might be just what you need.

1. Infuse Social Marketing into Your SEO Strategy

SEO Plastic SurgeonsThere are many reasons why those seeking to get more results from SEO should focus their strategy more on social. For starters, many of the same goals most have for doing search engine optimization can be achieved faster through social media marketing. For example, Twitter is a great platform for increasing website traffic; the right tweets at the right timing will send targeted visitors flooding back to your website.

Even when it comes to getting more rankings in search results, social marketing proves helpful, enabling you to satisfy the demands of many of Google’s off-page ranking factors. Consider this: those having a hard time getting natural, authoritative backlinks stand to benefit when a website visitor from one of the major social platforms creates one of these links. This is not even to mention the fact that pages with higher numbers of social shares tend to rank higher.

2. Invest in Better Conversion Rate Optimization

Why invest a substantial amount of time, energy, and money into SEO, only to throw most of the benefit you could reap from it away? This is exactly what many people do without their even knowing about it; if you are not optimizing for the best conversion rate you can get, then you’re just leaving money and authority behind. No matter what you define as a conversion, whether it be a sale or a sign-up, it just makes good sense to establishing the peak conditions for achieving your goal.

There are many elements that can affect conversion rates. But, when it comes to doing SEO the consideration you’d be best to make can be something as simple as making sure the content on the page is more engaging. Ironically, better conversion rate optimization can lead to improved SEO results, as your visitors spend more time on the page, lowering bounce rates.

3. Take an Objective Look at Your Website

Now some would argue that great web design and development, coupled with conversion rate optimization are basically the same thing. However, this is not necessarily so for those who use landing and sales pages as a part of their business strategy – they could optimize these pages without paying much attention to the design of the main website.

The fact is that users like to share awesome websites, whether through social media, or by linking to them – they like to spend more time on a beautiful page. A better looking website and great content is a vital SEO tool that can both improve your conversion rates and your search engine rankings.

It is possible for 2016 to be your best year ever when it comes to the benefit you get from your SEO, so don’t shy away from changing the status quo. Expand your horizons to include social, help more of your visitors to want to convert, and consider giving your website a great redesign.