Seico Security: Peoria’s Source for Comprehensive Security Solutions

Seico Security Systems Peoria ILSeico Security is one of the leading companies when it comes to provision of comprehensive security systems and monitoring solutions for different types of clients in Peoria, Illinois. Some of the primary security systems and professional services provided by Seico Security include: wireless security systems, access control systems, fire/burglar alarm systems, outdoor and indoor video surveillance systems (CCTVs), alarm monitoring, and other related services. The company provides these solutions to different types of clients such as commercial, residential, industrial, and financial applications.

Trusted Experience for Security Systems in Peoria, IL

Seico Security is trusted by its Peoria area clients mainly because of its high quality services and its vast experience where it has been providing security and surveillance solutions since 1972. As a result of the many years this company has been operational it has been able to clearly understand the security needs of different types of systems

The company has also been adopting the latest security improvements where it provides state of the art security solutions. It combines engineering, consultation, design and specification services for the security systems in Peoria and in the entire Illinois. Through the combination of these qualities the clients who come to this company are usually guaranteed to get solutions that will effectively enhance their security and surveillance. Further, the security solutions provided by Seico Security are effective and simple to operate where one does not have to be an expert to use these solutions.

Leading Security Systems & Design Solutions

To ensure that all the customers are optimally satisfied, this Peoria area security systems company provides more than just security systems. Some of the primary solutions from this company include:

    • Home/residential security systems, fire alarm systems and inspections
    • Financial security systems for banks
    • Access control, photo ID and video badging systems
    • Banking equipment such as safes, teller systems, and vaults, amongst others
    • Digital IP-surveillance systems for web-based and intranet applications
    • Security and surveillance systems for commercial and business entitiesbank teller systems

Through the provision of these solutions, the company is able to ensure that different types of clients from this area of Peoria, Illinois are able to get the solutions that suit their needs perfectly. This has resulted to Seico being recognized as one of the leading security systems and CCTV video surveillance companies.

Another quality that makes Seico Security regarded highly in the Peoria area is that it is a member of the Prairie Technology Alliance which is a renowned single source IT service organization in Peoria and the area of central Illinois. This organization has a reputation of being able to effectively provide different types of technological solutions. The members of this organization are known to follow a very strict and uniform code of ethics.

Adaptive Security Systems With Emerging Technology

The adoption of modern surveillance and security solutions by this company has resulted to the different types of clients getting better solutions to their security problems. This is facilitated by the company having a dynamic and well informed team of technician who can handle even the most modern security solution. surveillance systems

Seico Security also ensures the tools and equipments used are of the highest caliber to make clients get full value on the investments they make when it comes to security. The company also has the ability to handle small, medium and big customers without struggling. This means almost anyone with a security or surveillance needs can get the right solution from the company. All what one needs is to contact the company where one is received by friendly and well informed attendants. Therefore, it is evident that the outlined qualities make Seico Security one of the leading security system companies in Peoria, Illinois.

Contact the company at:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

Truck Scales: Walz Scale for the Win

Walz Scale is a global supplier of advanced truck scales and weighing systems. The leading supplier is also a service support provider for truck scale calibration and maintenance. From truck scales and loader scales to load scanners and wheel weighers, the company offers the widest selections of scales and weighing products for sale and rent in Midwest.walz scale truck scale supplier

The company has been in the business for nearly half a century. It covers industries and sectors such as mining, agriculture, waste, laboratory, agriculture, transportation, chemical, recycling and aggregate. There are four categories of the systems offered by Walz Scale: Walz Scale, Walz OnBoard, Walz Mining and Walz Scanner. Here are specific scales and weighing systems from the company.

On-board Truck Scales

The company is a reputable source for mobile on-board scales and weighers. Under the company’s on-board truck scales division, Walz On-Board, the company supplies portable truck scales, farm and general agricultural scales, lift truck scales and material handler scales. Some of the scales are used in cold planers and conveyor belts.on-board truck scale

Examples of the on-board truck scales include: articulated, backhoe loader, mobile crusher, industrial loader, haul truck, skid steer, telehandler, underground truck, wheel loader, dump truck, cement truck, refuse truck and tractor/trailer scales.

Weighbridge Truck Scales

Walz Scale is famous for offering versatile, powerful and efficient weighbridge truck scales. The company supplies these products to mining, agricultural, logistic and shipping companies. High-volume miners and farmers get heavy-duty scales and steel-deck scales respectively from the company.weighbridge truck scales

The weighbridge equipment comes with the best designs, including open-pit, above-ground, heavy duty and full platform. Specific weighbridge truck scales include: portable wheel weighers, portable axle scale and HD truck scales.

Portable Wheel Weighers

Also known as axle scales and portable truck scales, portable wheel weighers are some of the most versatile products from Walz Scale. Wheel weighers are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Some weighers include:

HDAW-series wheel load weighers – The HDAW-series wheel load weighers are suitable for use in heavy weighing and harsh conditions. The aluminum-constructed HDAW-series wheel weighers come with access ramps, weighing pads and digital weighing terminals.portable wheel weighers

OTR wheel weigher scales – The OTR wheel weigher scales are the industry choice for high-volume, high-capacity weighing. They take weights of large OTR tires for off-road vehicles in farming, mining, freight and shipping sectors.

Load Scanner Systems

Load scanner systems take real-time load volumes with the help of a world-class load scanner technology. The standard features of the systems include volume load scanner, in-motion load scanner, HD load images, low maintenance scanner technology and simple load scanner platform.load scanner

A typical load scanner system, such as the Walz Load Scanner or the Load Scan system, features a mounting hardware, a 3D laser scanner and a display screen. The most popular systems are volumetric payload scanners, otherwise known as load volume scanner systems. The two scanners can be applied in mining, resource aggregates, waste management and road construction.

Rental Truck Scales & Support Services

Customers who need to rent truck scales for short-term weighing solutions are catered for by Walz Scales. This equipment is highly-reliable in handling a wide range of load management and weighing processes. It is fully tested and provides certified accuracy.

As for the support services, Walz Scales offers local support to individual customers and organizations. The company meets specific needs of customers by providing individually-tailored solutions.

With all these truck scales and weighing systems together with the support services, there is no doubt that Walz Scale is a leading global supplier of these products and services.

3 Exceptional Envelope Address Printers from Rena

envelope address printersSince its incorporation in 1984, the Philadelphia-based producer of envelope printers and addressing systems, Rena Systems, Inc.m has cemented its position as a leader in designing and manufacturing of some of the world’s premium mailing products.

Rena’s envelope address printers are crafted with precision, not to mention that they boast groundbreaking features and specifications to provide unmatched performance and reliability even after years of use. Here are three of their most sought after envelope address printers.

Envelope Imager 3.0

A remarkably assembled envelope printer, the Envelope Imager 3.0 comes with an integrated compartment that allows you to store and seal up to eight inkjet cartridges. Besides, the Image 3.0 features some of Rena’s most recent technology including the Intelligent Pulse Control, the Advanced Macro Management, Print Enhancement and Electronic Thickness Control as well as an assortment of enhancements that place it a cut above other envelope address printers in its class.

Envelope Imager 3.0 Specifications

  • high-speed usb 2.0 port
  • 34,000 postcards per hour
  • 3 inches of print from double print modules
  • cartridge capping station
  • clutch control built-in feeder
  • electronic thickness control

Mach 5 Digital Color Printer

The Mach 5 is not only incredibly fast and reliable but also comes with features that guarantee to give value for money. It can print full color at 6 inches every minute at a mind-boggling 1600 by 1600 dots per inch. You can even choose to print at 1600 by 800 dpi if you want faster printing and still get amazingly clear images. In essence, this option allows you to print 9,000 pieces every 60 minutes. If its performance is anything to go by, the Mach 5 is no match for LED or laser printers that print at 1200 dpi and produce 3,000 pieces every hour.

rena mach 5That’s not all there is to this envelope printer. It comes with five ink tanks that can hold up to 250 ml of ink, thereby allowing you to carry out bulk jobs at a cheaper cost per piece. When used alongside mColor, a color management software, the Mach 5 enables you to match all the colors of your company’s logo within a couple of minutes. How about that!

Mach 5 Specifications

  • full bleed capability
  • five 259 ml ink tanks
  • automatic capping and cleaning station
  • 7,500 envelopes per hour
  • integrated top load friction feeder

Mach 8 Digital Color Envelope Printer

The Mach 8 combines the meticulousness of the Memjet and the inventiveness of the Mach 5 to give arguably one of the most powerful envelope printers on the market. The Mach 8 is designed to handle specifically bulk printing thanks to the high capacity feeder as well as the automatic output stacker.

The Mach 8 Digital Color Document Printer has an impressive printing speed too. It can give you print quality of 1600 by 800 dots per while printing at 12 inches every second and 1600 by 1600 dpi resolution at 6 inches every second. At such a speed, the Mach 8 can print 60 letter size pages every 60 seconds. This printer has over 70,000 nozzles and 250 ml ink tanks that enable it to handle bulk printing with utmost effectiveness.

The Mach 8 is the printer to go for if your line of work or business involves the printing of legal documents, invoices, and letters as well as cut sheet labels. It is also worth noting that the Mach 8 can print a remarkable 5000 pages or an equivalent of 10 reams nonstop.

Mach 8 Specifications

  • automatic capping and cleaning station
  • 5,000 single sheet feeder capacity
  • 60 pages every minute
  • five 250 ml ink tanks

For more information about these three envelope printers, and other solid models, visit

5 Best Heavy-Duty Weighing Systems Businesses Can Rent

Truck scales and heavy-duty weighing systems are very expensive to purchase as well as maintain and calibrate. The cost of truck weighing scales has discouraged many business in both the agriculture and industrial sectors from investing in these systems. This is often because some company’s weighing needs are short-term and seasonal.

However, some truck scale suppliers have responded to the call by offering heavy-duty truck scales and weighing systems for rent. This enables certain companies to rent truck scales because they only need them for short-term use. Renting truck scales and heavy-duty weighing systems provides a profitable investment as it saves capital while still providing a dependable weighing solution when needed.

portable truck scalesNow that many truck scale companies offer weighing systems for rent, there are options for those interesting in leasing a scale for their weighing needs. In profiling the leading company for truck scale rentals, Walz Scale, below are some of the best options among weighing systems that businesses can rent.

Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales are weighing systems that have been considered to offer remarkable advantages to the companies that use to achieve their weighing solutions. The portable trucks scales can be consolidated and easily carried to a place where it is needed hence are suitable for renting considering they are costly to purchase.

Portable truck scales are ideal for a variety of industrial applications such as payload management, construction, mining, waste management and agricultural industries. The scale uses advanced measurement technology and is integrated with a measurement software hence makes it versatile and gives an accurate measurement. Available in steel and aluminum portable truck scales, these system come in in many designs. Some systems have in-motion portable wheel weigher capabilities which make measurement very efficient and easy.

Pallet & Floor Scales floor pallet scale

The pallets and floor scale systems are of great use in many different companies throughout the world. Floor and pallent scales are known to be versatile because they can be used while freely standing or can be pit mounted. The scales are used by many logistic companies to weigh loads, heavy boxes, and packages.

Pallet and floor scales are made using the top materials such as stainless steel in the quest to reduce mild steel and cohesion hence boosting the performance and durability of the scales. The scale is loaded properly and protected when in use to prolong their lives. The scales are known to be resistant and reliable heavy-duty scales. Moreover, the scales have been trusted by many companies, and because they are expensive to acquire, many companies rent them.

Rail ScalesRail Scales

The rail scales have offered excellent weighing solutions to many businesses. Rail scales are always rented for short periods of time because they provide various weighing benefits that include field serviceability, multiple scale sizes and are capable of handling multiple capacities and possess local support. The scales are used in diverse settings such as mining, construction and farming because they are available in both in motion and static rail scales. The rail scales are portable and quickly consolidated hence can be assembled and disassembled easily.

Load Volume Scanner

The load volume scanner has been considered to be an advanced heavyweight weighing machine because of the many roles and advantages it provides to many industrial, mining and construction companies. The scanner uses a different technology that involves using volumetric scanning which generates 3D images when to weigh the loads on the trucks.load volume scanner

It also scans the volume data and does the conversion to appropriate weight metrics. It uses advanced patent that capitalizes on the use of pending algorithms that work with the laser technology used in monitoring the loads on the trucks. The load volume scanner is a cost-efficient weighing scale that is always rented to companies because it is always expensive and is quickly moved to places that weighing is done. You can find the load volume scanner by visiting

Portable Axle Scales portable axle scales

The portable axle scale is very versatile, heavy-duty scales that are greatly used in construction and mining areas. Portable axle scales can handle heavier loads up to 80,000lbs and are available in wide varieties of configurations, lengths, and capacities.

The scale is used in weighing trucks can be customized to permit using multiple peripheral components from large weights to digital weights and both tickets and receipt printers. The various types of portable axle scales for rent use both run in motion and dynamic weighing applications used to weigh trucks continuously. Some scales have either an external or a built-in battery that is always used in the remote areas.

3 Globally-Recognized Manufacturers of Business Mailing Machines & Postage Meters

mailing machines postage metersThere are several companies on the market that manufacture and produce top-quality mailing machines and postage meters that offer efficient and cost effective mailing system solutions. The postage meters that these companies offer allow any small, medium or even large size business to have full control over their mailing needs and postage requirements.

These mailing system solutions will also allow businesses to more effectively deliver materials to customers, propspects and vendords, helping to advance many aspects of their operations. However, not all postage meters and mailing machine products are created equal. To help shed light on the brand names in the industry that have the greatest reputation in their products and services, below we feature three globally-recognized manufacturers of mailing machines and postage meters.


One of the top companies in Europe that distributes these types of mailing machines, Neopost, has an arm in the United States known as Neopost USA. This is a France-based company that is one of the most reputable names in the postage meter business. neopost mailing machines postage meters

Neopost provides technologically advanced solutions for mailing that will benefit in both integration of your management along with an effective combination that will maximize traceability. The systems provided by this company will, in turn, provide the software and the hardware needed in the processing, shipping and the mailing documentation procedure.

The company provides consultants with the needed expertise in finding the best and most suitable mailing machine for each individual not with holding great financial options when needed. Neopost can also suggest effective budgeting that will ensure you get the best cost for your machine.

Pitney Bowes Inc.pitney bowes mailing machines postage meters

Pitney Bowes Inc. is another of the companies that manufacture mailing and posting machines. They have an office in more than a hundred countries worldwide. They have over thirty thousand employees and make an annual turnover in the range of billions. They are one of the top companies in the industries. They are responsible for creating the most advance technological system on the market.

Pitney Bowes is located in Stamford, Connecticut and have been an established company from the year 1920. The meters designed by Pity Bowes incorporate the capability for business to negotiate there discounts from USPS on first class and standard postage rates. Pitney Bowes performs actions and task that may otherwise be a job done by the workers of the central sorting office. This is a company that has been a pioneer and leads the industry.

Francotyp Postalia

The Francotyp Postalia is a company that started in Germany. The company was once two separate companies. The USPS gave Postalia permission operations in the US in the early 1920’s. Both Postalia and Francotyp merged and emerged in 1993 as a single company operating in the United States. Francotyp Postalia mailing machines postage meters

Francotyp Postalia (FP) is renowned for the advances in technology as it relates to the mailing solutions offered by this company. Products designed to offer flawless processing of mail are what Francotyp Postalia prides itself on. They are alleged to be the fastest growing retailer of mailing machinery and supplies to support it.

FP offers its postage meter products and services to homes, offices and even to the giants of organization. They sell some of the industry’s most advanced mailing machines such as the OptiMail30 that has a processing speed of about 30 pieces per minute. The CentorMail is also available from Francotyp Postalia and it has a speed of 120 to 140 pieces per minute. This machine is the best suitable for the busiest of offices.

walz label mailing systemsThese companies are known as some of the best in mailing machine business. You can trust their products and customer support to help you with your postage meter and mailing system needs. If you or your company is based in the U.S., you can find products by these producers by visiting:

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln
East Peoria, IL 61611