Truck Scales: Walz Scale for the Win

Walz Scale is a global supplier of advanced truck scales and weighing systems. The leading supplier is also a service support provider for truck scale calibration and maintenance. From truck scales and loader scales to load scanners and wheel weighers, the company offers the widest selections of scales and weighing products for sale and rent in Midwest.walz scale truck scale supplier

The company has been in the business for nearly half a century. It covers industries and sectors such as mining, agriculture, waste, laboratory, agriculture, transportation, chemical, recycling and aggregate. There are four categories of the systems offered by Walz Scale: Walz Scale, Walz OnBoard, Walz Mining and Walz Scanner. Here are specific scales and weighing systems from the company.

On-board Truck Scales

The company is a reputable source for mobile on-board scales and weighers. Under the company’s on-board truck scales division, Walz On-Board, the company supplies portable truck scales, farm and general agricultural scales, lift truck scales and material handler scales. Some of the scales are used in cold planers and conveyor belts.on-board truck scale

Examples of the on-board truck scales include: articulated, backhoe loader, mobile crusher, industrial loader, haul truck, skid steer, telehandler, underground truck, wheel loader, dump truck, cement truck, refuse truck and tractor/trailer scales.

Weighbridge Truck Scales

Walz Scale is famous for offering versatile, powerful and efficient weighbridge truck scales. The company supplies these products to mining, agricultural, logistic and shipping companies. High-volume miners and farmers get heavy-duty scales and steel-deck scales respectively from the company.weighbridge truck scales

The weighbridge equipment comes with the best designs, including open-pit, above-ground, heavy duty and full platform. Specific weighbridge truck scales include: portable wheel weighers, portable axle scale and HD truck scales.

Portable Wheel Weighers

Also known as axle scales and portable truck scales, portable wheel weighers are some of the most versatile products from Walz Scale. Wheel weighers are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Some weighers include:

HDAW-series wheel load weighers – The HDAW-series wheel load weighers are suitable for use in heavy weighing and harsh conditions. The aluminum-constructed HDAW-series wheel weighers come with access ramps, weighing pads and digital weighing terminals.portable wheel weighers

OTR wheel weigher scales – The OTR wheel weigher scales are the industry choice for high-volume, high-capacity weighing. They take weights of large OTR tires for off-road vehicles in farming, mining, freight and shipping sectors.

Load Scanner Systems

Load scanner systems take real-time load volumes with the help of a world-class load scanner technology. The standard features of the systems include volume load scanner, in-motion load scanner, HD load images, low maintenance scanner technology and simple load scanner platform.load scanner

A typical load scanner system, such as the Walz Load Scanner or the Load Scan system, features a mounting hardware, a 3D laser scanner and a display screen. The most popular systems are volumetric payload scanners, otherwise known as load volume scanner systems. The two scanners can be applied in mining, resource aggregates, waste management and road construction.

Rental Truck Scales & Support Services

Customers who need to rent truck scales for short-term weighing solutions are catered for by Walz Scales. This equipment is highly-reliable in handling a wide range of load management and weighing processes. It is fully tested and provides certified accuracy.

As for the support services, Walz Scales offers local support to individual customers and organizations. The company meets specific needs of customers by providing individually-tailored solutions.

With all these truck scales and weighing systems together with the support services, there is no doubt that Walz Scale is a leading global supplier of these products and services.


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