3 Ways Small Business Can Increase Search Rankings

Technology has completely changed and enhanced how businesses go to market. With the internet taking over much of the work and proving to be very efficient for marketing, smart businesses need to leverage various SEO and search engine marketing strategies to be found in Google. small business seo

While SEO can seem like a confusing endeavor for most small businesses, there are many basic and easy-to-understand ways in which a small-to-medium sized firm can thrive with SEO, even against a tough competition and saturated geographic market.

Incorporate Unique & Long-tail Keywords

As much as you may not be able to surpass the giants in the Google search engine rankings for highly competitive keywords, you can narrow your keywords to a specific long-tail keywords that are less competitive. Do this by researching highly-relevant keywords for your SEO campaign, and focusing on 4-5 word phrases that are less competitive, but still attainable. Good places for insights include IncreaseYouRank.com and the WebPresenceGroup.net, both offering a wealth of resources and strategies for long-tail SEO for small businesses.

Diversify & Acquire Links from Credible Sites

Just like a politician calls for reinforcement from popular people and influencers, the small business can employ the same trick and link up its website with other well-established sites for backup. This has a great effect on enhancing a site’s credibility through the eyes of the search engine. It is this credit that will boost the site and pull it up the search list. Appearing high on the search results list increases chances of being reviewed and hence improved traffic. But link building is not the end all be all. Check out this great post at Moz.com about earning links.

Hyper-Local Optimization

Targeting a more local audience has enabled small businesses to establish their own market niche which is their local share of the market. Stating yourself as the best restaurant in Boston will greatly differ from simply stating restaurant in Boston. The point here is to use keywords that mention your niche market where your probability of a high rank is higher

To move up to the top of the search results and generate more traffic for your business, there is no other magic but to enhance the quality and visibility of your website which calls for the employment of a web development and web design company, like FacetWebTech.com, for assistance. A strategically designed website is what you need.


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